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Since 2008, Tamite IT Services Sussex from Haywards Heath has provided support services to our clients. But don’t imagine that, as we have been around for a while, we aren’t forward-thinking; we are technology evangelists.

We strongly believe businesses can benefit from their technological investments by adopting AI, specifically Microsoft Copilot. We also develop Chatbots for clients that, believe it or not, aren’t as annoying as they used to be.

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A future with a personal assistant on our desktop

Desktop personal assistants to deliver and support your projects

Personal assistants have come a long way since Clippy. They actively support you and provide hints and assistance as you work.

We prefer to think of AI as personal assistants, part of the team, capable of providing us and our company with numerous tasks within the business and even customer-facing tasks, such as being a more exciting way of delivering answers to faqs.

Employees and employers need not be concerned about the changes AI will bring to the workplace.

A personal assistant on every desktop can enhance productivity and improve security by reducing digital overload.

Your organisation is as good as the expertise of its teams; employee education will enable the realisation of the possibilities AI presents

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We believe that small and medium-sized businesses’ IT systems will benefit from AI technologies, which can leverage your existing applications and enhance cyber security.

Professional services users will especially find that Copilot AI simplifies and accurately summarises information, saving time searching for documents and content.

It also provides tailored recommendations and assists in creating content such as presentations, Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and summarised emails.

Save money, work more effectively, and integrate solutions seamlessly.

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By utilising Microsoft Copilot features, users can overcome the initial difficulties of creating a document and hopefully contribute to a more satisfying work environment where AI personal assistants become valued team members.

However, it is vital to ensure that the environment in which Microsoft Copilot is introduced is secure.

Adding AI to your IT systems mix will inevitably highlight existing vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure and cyber security practices.

Please read the NCSC article on employing the Principles of least privilege for more information.

IT Services & Support Sussex & Surrey, Support Contracts & System Health Monitoring

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But what makes Tamite different to most of our IT Support competitors is that our focus is on preventing the issues arising in the first place.

We know that addressing your IT problem and getting it resolved quickly matters.

Customers rely on services, so with technical issues, prevention is better than cure for your business.

Our remote monitoring service allows us to check critical aspects of your PC or Server.

These include time to failure on your hard drive, disk space remaining, antivirus and firewall status, and many other aspects, including backup status, to allow us to monitor and anticipate problems with your systems before they become an issue.

Outsourcing backups and managed support solutions frees up your IT resources.

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Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Cyber Security are not just concepts for big business but also vital for small and medium-sized businesses.

We are a support provider dedicated to ensuring complete peace of mind, knowing that whatever technical issues happen, you are covered.

Email deliverability frustrates most companies; we provide a solution to monitor and manage your records and secure accounts.

More than just a support provider, expert advice and training.

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As a specialist in IT Security, we ensure your network is secure and free from threats, and your data is always available and adequately backed up.

In addition, we provide in-house business training for users to ensure they understand the basic rules and develop good habits that will allow them to work safely without compromising their IT security.

A Comprehensive Range Of Products & Support Services To Serve Your Business

In addition to practical assistance with technical and business processes, we have a portfolio of tried-and-tested products and IT services, all representing value and quality.

IT Security is central to our approach to supporting your business & being your trusted IT partner.

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Real Business benefits of artificial intelligence

The next few years in IT will be fascinating as AI will be genuinely transformative for many of the tools we currently use to run our business.

Artificial intelligence will also increasingly turn up on our phones and tablets and get involved in our leisure; imagine a personal assistant curating music and entertainment, suggesting recipes and getting the online shopping list ready. A practical and social secretary, though initially without the charm of Jeeves.

Implementing AI is not replacing human capabilities but creating a better customer experience.

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The best advice for anyone looking to succeed and progress, whether in their career or business, is to consider how artificial intelligence will affect their activities, understand it, and embrace it.

As technology develops, the danger to jobs and companies will come from the fact that people who resist digital personal assistants and don’t learn to work with AI won’t be as efficient as their colleagues who have.

Companies that don’t embrace artificial intelligence will not be as competitive as those that understand how to use it, train their employees to use it, and plan to fully embrace a future in which AI will assist in most facets of business.

We will see productivity increase with AI in business, as having an AI colleague and assistant will significantly help many of us who currently feel we are struggling with information overload.

‘AI won’t steal your job, but people using it may’ – BBC News

We Support Sussex & Surrey businesses, but our services are Nationwide.

Although we are based in West Sussex and restrict our IT services to our local area, as we like to provide personal service and great response times, many of our products are UK-wide.