Apple Mac support Crawley warn of MacBook security flaw

Apple Mac support Crawley – specialist warns of security flaw in MacBooks

Sohail Yousaf who provides Apple Mac support Crawley warns of a new security flaw that has been demonstrated to affect MacBook’s. The exploit has been christened Thunderstrike as it uses the Thunderbolt connection to update the ROM of the victims’ computer.

Apple Mac support Crawley, thunderbolt port
The infection is passed using the Thunderbolt port

The Malware technically known as a Root Kit will be undetectable at present by most proprietary Anti-Virus software, in any case Root Kits are notoriously difficult to detect and remove.

The infection is passed using the Thunderbolt connection that will typically be used to connect Apple Macs to high end storage devices. Once infected the computer can potentially be accessed remotely by Cyber Criminals to gain access to data.

Sohail of Tamite Apple Mac support Crawley suggests users of MacBook’s etc. be on their guard as Apple have yet to roll out the Firm Ware update necessary to patch this exploit.

No date has been given for the security update at this point in time.

The good news is that because this exploit is dependent on being introduced via the Thunderbolt port, you would be very unlucky to become a victim, as it is necessary to have physical access to the machine for the malware to be passed. As a precaution Tamite Apple Mac support Crawley suggest users refrain from sharing devices that access the Thunderbolt port.

What this does underline is that the days when the Apple Mac community could rely purely on the famed Apple brand promise for their security are long gone.

Good security is no longer optional for Apple Mac users

thunderstrike screen describing the results of infection
What would happen if your Mac Book is infected by malware using the Thunderstrike vulnerability.


Tamite Apple Mac support Crawley urge all our Apple Mac customers to adopt a robust attitude to security. Installation of antivirus software is no longer an optional extra.

In a future blog Sohail will discuss how we go about ensuring that your Apple Mac is as secure as possible as Cyber Crime is now a major issue for everyone.

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