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Like you we love the design, the efficiency, the reliability, the whole “Mac”iness of the iMac desktop that makes it a joy to work with. Whether you are running your Mac in your home or your business we provide top class Apple Mac support for your Apple Mac device. You or your company have made an investment in running Apple Macs and you want to partner with an IT support company that are experts in Apple Mac Support, that understands the needs of your business, and is technically up to the task. When problems arise you want them dealt with quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

Tamite AppleMac Services have a different approach to most of our competitors in that our focus is on prevention rather than fire fighting, we prefer to monitor and intervene when necessary to prevent the issues arising in the first place. We know that from your business point of view prevention is better than a cure.

Our Apple Mac Support services are based in Haywards Heath and Crawley West Sussex so are conveniently situated to serve the Southeast of England. While our engineering staff may not be sleek examples of the triumph of contemporary design, in common with your Macintosh they are timely, efficient are competent and friendly with years of experience dealing with Apple Macintosh products.

Rely on us to supply and provide Apple Mac support to the full range of Apple Mac devices from the desktop to the server and take care of the vital services including most vitally security and the all important backup.
Whether you are running your Macintosh in your home or a business environment, Call us for a free and comprehensive review of your IT services.

With an OS X Server you can give your company the productivity edge and at the same time benefit from keeping your data in a secure environment, your users will be soon be enjoying  the benefits of the OS X Server from allowing safe collaboration within workgroups to share documents and collaborate on projects, while making certain that more sensitive documents can only be accessed by users who have been specifically given access; Giving your staff flexibility while at the same time keeping a firm control of the security of your work space.

In addition to document collaboration and “hot desking” you can share calendars, contacts and email, provide remote access from anywhere and it’s all so easy to administer using the OS X Profile Manager.

As ever our focus is on maximizing the benefits brought to your organization by implementing a server based network to create an environment where work group collaboration and sharing of information are matched by the need to maintain the security and integrity of your network.

Your OS X Server will act as a designated Time Machine backup location for all the Mac computers on your network. Centralising your backup storage helps protect valuable data and free up disk space on individual drives. And it eliminates the need for separate backup drives altogether. OS X Server also takes advantage of Time Machine to back up your server data — including shared files, calendars, mail, wikis and more — to another hard drive, so you can easily restore to an earlier configuration. And you can view the backup status for each Mac on your network, as well as which computers and users are backing up to your server, when they last backed up and the total size of each backup.

You like to be able predict and budget for your IT spend so we provide IT Support Contracts that include remote backup, monitoring and antivirus with half yearly reviews to help you take the guess work out of your IT resourcing.

If you prefer, ‘pay as you go’ is of course an option, you can also buy blocks of support hours in advance to use when issues occur or alternatively to bring us in for consultancy, installations, maintenance or projects.

In addition we provide in house training for users to make sure that they are able to get the most from your applications such as Word, Excel & Email as well as running regular seminars on IT Security.

Our engineers hold Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)

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