BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device (But should the D stand for Disaster)

The advent of what has been termed BYOD (Bring your own device) created by the popularity of devices such as tablets, Smart-phones and even the humble USB memory stick potentially creates dilemmas for businesses large and small. Do you allow your employees to connect these devices to your network or ban them from the work-place or is their perhaps a middle path?

We provide IT Support Sussex business and can assist businesses of all sizes to formulate sensible policies to enable you to take advantage of the benefits these devices can bring while avoiding the pit falls.

Tamite IT Support Sussex business is in the business of supplying solutions and information to help you make the correct decision for your business.

So what are the issues facing our Tamite IT Support Sussex customers?

At Tamite IT support Sussex we recognise that the first issue is in the nature of these devices in that they are portable, this makes them firstly more losable and offers more opportunities to steal the device. So we should consider the nature of the data we allow to be saved on the device if we aren’t going to fall foul of Data Security Legislation. If we allow customer related data on these devices we need to make sure at the minimum the password security is sensible. Possibly even look to encrypt the data.

Have you considered the fact you are allowing a device to connect to your network that you have very little control of. The fact is these devices do catch and carry viruses but very few have Antivirus installed, so are you importing trouble on to your network. Also uncontrolled access could lead to a slow network, as half of your work-force watch their favourite Olympic event on a live stream.

Lastly data theft, uncontrolled access to data can mean your companies information is open to being leaked to competitors or taken when staff leave for a new employer, devices such as USB memory sticks can be controlled to make sure only the devices you authorise can remove data from your network and it is even possible to delete data from and revoke access if they are lost or the staff member leaves and doesn’t hand the memory stick back..

Tamite IT Support Sussex have a view that not all Antivirus Products are equal

At Tamite IT Support Sussex we believe that some Antivirus products having been designed around the home user are not necessarily the ideal choice for business, we recommend products that fit your needs and carry functions that will be useful while not slowing your PC more than necessary by carrying what we term bloat-ware.

We are also happy to provide training for individuals and businesses on how to secure your PC / Network

Want to know more aboutTamite IT Support Sussex or how you can improve your companies or your own IT Security visit our website for details of one of our courses.

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