Tamite Apple Mac support Sussex believe FBI v Apple court case may open Pandora’s Box

Governments around the world struggle to come to terms with the issues surrounding the security of data. We try to keep you informed about Apple Mac related stories Sohail Yousaf who provides Apple Mac support Sussex for Tamite has been following this story for us. The Apple v FBI case currently being played out in […]

West Sussex Apple Mac specialist says Safari Crashes due to bug

West Sussex Apple Mac specialist asks has your Apple Mac, IPhone or IPad been acting as if it were possessed Well join the club, according to West Sussex Apple Mac specialist Sohail “the problem you have been experiencing was due to an update issue on 26th January and was responsible for introducing a bug that caused […]

Apple Mac support Haywards Heath for Apple Mac upgrades

Apple Mac Support Haywards Heath Love their Apples Tamite Apple Mac Support Haywards Heath carry out a full range of servicing and repairs on Apple Mac products, Tamite in house Apple Mac guru Sohail says that; With the new financial year approaching many companies will be deciding on budgets for IT and deciding on the […]

How to protect your iPhone / iPad from the Oleg Pliss Ransom Ware Threat

1. The first and most important step is to setup the four digit code on your iPhone /iPad as it has been reported that if your phone is hacked you will still have access to the device. Tap Settings/Passcode then enter a passcode. 2. Reset your iCloud password 3. Turn on two step authentication a. […]

I-Hack locks users out of iPhones

Users of iPhone and in some cases iPad are reporting that they are being locked out of their devices as a result of a new Ransom-ware scam that appears to have originated yesterday morning (27-05-2014) in Australia; victims are greeted with a message claiming to be from a group or individual identifying themselves as Oleg […]

Professional AppleMac Support for Sussex and Surrey

The good news for Apple Mac users in Sussex and Surrey is that we are now able to support the full range of Apple Mac products. We have been in the business of providing PC support to businesses in the Crawley, Haywards Heath, and Brighton area for the last 6 years but as we have […]