Tamite Apple Mac support Sussex believe FBI v Apple court case may open Pandora’s Box

Governments around the world struggle to come to terms with the issues surrounding the security of data. We try to keep you informed about Apple Mac related stories Sohail Yousaf who provides Apple Mac support Sussex for Tamite has been following this story for us. The Apple v FBI case currently being played out in […]

West Sussex Apple Mac specialist says Safari Crashes due to bug

West Sussex Apple Mac specialist asks has your Apple Mac, IPhone or IPad been acting as if it were possessed Well join the club, according to West Sussex Apple Mac specialist Sohail “the problem you have been experiencing was due to an update issue on 26th January and was responsible for introducing a bug that caused […]

TalkTalk Data-breach

Talking the TalkTalk – The TalkTalk Data-breach The databreach at Telecoms provider TalkTalk has brought into sharp focus the havoc that can be created and the fallout brands experience as a result of a data breach. Especially if as is the case with TalkTalk and parent company Carphone warehouse you are serial offenders. At the […]

Haywards Heath IT security specialist asks what can we learn from Kaspersky

The way that data breach has been handled by these two organisations provides valuable insight into how it should be done. Haywards Heath IT security specialist Gary Johnston has been taking a particular interest in events at Kaspersky and the US Office of Personnel Management. As an IT security specialist when stories of this kind […]

Email on the dark side – Spear Phishing

The need for spear phishing awareness training is demonstrated by the events at US Office of Personnel & Kapersky   I think we need to come clean about the purpose of this weeks blog on the subject of Spear Phishing and come right out and admit that it has been written with the intention of gaining your attention and […]

Spam Filtering out the bad guys

Protecting yourself from the watering hole predators In my previous blog I spoke about watering hole attacks, where legitimate websites are used by criminals to pass on malware to the website owner’s customers. This month I thought I could expand upon the theme, and would explain a little about how businesses can protect themselves from the threat […]

Apple Mac support Crawley warn of MacBook security flaw

Apple Mac support Crawley – specialist warns of security flaw in MacBooks Sohail Yousaf who provides Apple Mac support Crawley warns of a new security flaw that has been demonstrated to affect MacBook’s. The exploit has been christened Thunderstrike as it uses the Thunderbolt connection to update the ROM of the victims’ computer. The Malware technically known […]

Was Sony IT Security flawed. The Big Picture

IT Security Stories dominated at the end of the year Last year ended with a flurry not of snow, but big IT Security stories involving the world of entertainment, Sony Playstation and Microsofts Xbox platforms were both the subject of cyber attacks over Christmas. Of course Sony Pictures Entertainment had already been at the centre of one […]

Avoiding the Cyber Sting – Advanced Persistent Threat

To any one over the age of forty, who will have almost certainly seen the 1973 film The Sting starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman, you will not find the concept behind the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) too difficult to grasp, of course if you are younger you may have to ask your parents. Substitute shady […]

Zero Day Threats & Advanced Persistent Threats

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Zero Day. Welcome to the new working week Unless you are an IT Security Specialist the terms Zero Day Threats and Advanced Persistent Threat are either new to you or are just phrases you have come across, you probably haven’t got a clear grasp of what they are, or considered the […]