Tetley Tea Master insures tongue for £1m

With the announcement that head tea taster Sebastian Michaelis  who apparently can identify and assess tea blends in an amazing 15 seconds, will have his tongue insured against damage and sudden mal-function Michaelis is following a path previously trodden by musical superstars Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones Keith Richards who both had parts of their body […]

So Whos afraid of APTs

Advanced Persistent Threats are a threat, not just to the travel and Tour industries but to companies across all industries, if you have secrets that can be sold, databases that can be mined in fact anything that has a value to the criminal gangs you are a target. The question of APTs and how to […]

Data Breach at Bookings.com

I have been watching the developments in the Bookings.com data breach story http://www.bbc.co.uk/Bookings.com  with particular interest. I have fond memories of my formative years in IT, working in Travel and Tour having spent my early days in the IT industry working for First Choice Holidays now part of TUI. Our recent partnership with Cyber Spear […]

Protecting yourself from the twin evils of Spam and Social Engineering

Because of our expertise in the field of IT Security and spam filtering services many of our referrals come about as a result of businesses or individuals who have fallen victim to Cybercrime in some form such as malware infections, or in the case of a recent incident where we provided IT security assistance for […]

Putting Spam in its place

Considering the importance of email to the modern business possibly even exceeding that of the telephone it is surprising how the technologies that bring it to life, cure some of the bugbears and make it an excellent resource for the company are consistently neglected. In a future blog I will look at more effective ways […]

Eset identify Android exploit to prove you were right to be paranoid about the Android

Following on from last week’s spate of I phone hijackings now it’s the turn of the Android mobile device to be the focus of attention. Eset Antivirus announcement of the discovery of the Symplocker Trojan, which according to reports encrypts the devices HD card before demanding a ransom of £40 which is a bargain when […]

Feds acclaim the success of operation Tovar, for the moment anyway.

Operation Tovar led by the FBI and in conjunction with international crime fighting agencies including the UKs National Crime Agency (NCA) have combined to take down the command servers that direct and control the Botnets responsible for Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker.   The NCA in true Flash Gordon fashion have announced they have two weeks […]

PayPal lectures users on security best practice

With remarkable timing bordering on comic genius PayPal who are owned by under fire Internet Market place eBay, have chosen this week to announce to its customers revisions to the terms and conditions relating to PayPal accounts. These new conditions relate to the inadvisability of multiple users sharing devices to access PayPal Accounts . Without […]

UK Data Commissioner not sold on eBay response to massive data breach.

eBay have been under fire in the last couple of weeks over a major data breach that they have admitted was perpetrated during late February and early March. eBay claim that the severity of the breach only recently came to light and that an earlier investigation had suggested that sensitive data hadn’t been taken. However […]

How to protect your iPhone / iPad from the Oleg Pliss Ransom Ware Threat

1. The first and most important step is to setup the four digit code on your iPhone /iPad as it has been reported that if your phone is hacked you will still have access to the device. Tap Settings/Passcode then enter a passcode. 2. Reset your iCloud password 3. Turn on two step authentication a. […]