Haywards Heath IT security specialist asks what can we learn from Kaspersky

The way that data breach has been handled by these two organisations provides valuable insight into how it should be done. Haywards Heath IT security specialist Gary Johnston has been taking a particular interest in events at Kaspersky and the US Office of Personnel Management. As an IT security specialist when stories of this kind […]

Watering Hole Attacks

Forbes.com Watering Hole Attack (shows you can lead a horse to water & make him drink!) The news that Forbes website was compromised in November leading to thousands of its customers being potentially infected with malware, has provided a wake-up call for us all. The term watering hole attack refers to the idea that the […]

Hackers Topple Dominoes

Rex Mundi a Cyber Criminal group who specialise in stealing user data from global companies for extortion claim to have hacked the database for the Dominoes franchises covering France and Belgium, Dominoes have conceded that they have experienced an incident. The criminal gang Rex Mundi have demanded a ransom of £24,000 to prevent the posting […]

Mobile phone suppliers letting down their customers.

While I love my iphone and am constantly impressed by the products turned out by the mobilephone manufacturers my feelings for the Mobile Network operators are less than favourable. When my customers ask me to recommend a mobile phone network my reaction is usually to cringe, as my experience is that mobile providers in general & even […]

Crawley business taking cyber security seriously.

This morning I was invited to address a number of small businesses from the Crawley and Haywards Heath area. Being Valentines day I thought that some advice on how to avoid contracting infections and how passing one on can adversely affect a relationship would be an entirely suitable and timely subject. Entitled Time To Take […]

Tamite IT Security Course at the Kissingate Brewery

Tamite IT Security Course – IT security Basics For Businesses & Individuals Our most recent IT Security Training Course held at the Kissingate Brewery was a great success attended by representatives of businesses from across Sussex and Surrey. Concentrating on the simple steps that individuals and small businesses can relatively simply and quickly put into […]

A small success in the war on Spam

At Tamite IT Support Sussex we are very aware of the problems malware can cause our customers, there is a constant war being waged against the spammers and criminal gangs responsible for producing and spreading malware. Occasionally the triumphs of the groups that combat Cybercrime make the news. This month a group of researchers that […]

Why IT Security Training is a must for anyone who owns or works on a computer.

An article I read this morning in an IT journal reinforced the need for companies of all sizes and individuals to take an active role in managing IT security and also the need for IT Security Training. The articles’ introduction began from the position, that a network breach is all but inevitable? Wade Baker, director […]

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device (But should the D stand for Disaster)

The advent of what has been termed BYOD (Bring your own device) created by the popularity of devices such as tablets, Smart-phones and even the humble USB memory stick potentially creates dilemmas for businesses large and small. Do you allow your employees to connect these devices to your network or ban them from the work-place […]

Password security is as important as locking up when you’re out

The importance of the password cannot be over emphasised. As a company providing IT Support to Sussex and Surrey business Tamite actively encourages its’ customers to adopt sensible policies. Tamite IT Support for Sussex business Is serious about its customers’ IT Security A simple password on your PC user account is the first step. Ideally we would […]