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BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device (But should the D stand for Disaster)

The advent of what has been termed BYOD (Bring your own device) created by the popularity of devices such as tablets, Smart-phones and even the humble USB memory stick potentially creates dilemmas for businesses large and small. Do you allow your employees to connect these devices to your network or ban them from the work-place or is their perhaps a middle path?

We provide IT Support Sussex business and can assist businesses of all sizes to formulate sensible policies to enable you to take advantage of the benefits these devices can bring while avoiding the pit falls.

Tamite IT Support Sussex business is in the business of supplying solutions and information to help you make the correct decision for your business.

So what are the issues facing our Tamite IT Support Sussex customers?

At Tamite IT support Sussex we recognise that the first issue is in the nature of these devices in that they are portable, this makes them firstly more losable and offers more opportunities to steal the device. So we should consider the nature of the data we allow to be saved on the device if we aren’t going to fall foul of Data Security Legislation. If we allow customer related data on these devices we need to make sure at the minimum the password security is sensible. Possibly even look to encrypt the data.

Have you considered the fact you are allowing a device to connect to your network that you have very little control of. The fact is these devices do catch and carry viruses but very few have Antivirus installed, so are you importing trouble on to your network. Also uncontrolled access could lead to a slow network, as half of your work-force watch their favourite Olympic event on a live stream.

Lastly data theft, uncontrolled access to data can mean your companies information is open to being leaked to competitors or taken when staff leave for a new employer, devices such as USB memory sticks can be controlled to make sure only the devices you authorise can remove data from your network and it is even possible to delete data from and revoke access if they are lost or the staff member leaves and doesn’t hand the memory stick back..

Tamite IT Support Sussex have a view that not all Antivirus Products are equal

At Tamite IT Support Sussex we believe that some Antivirus products having been designed around the home user are not necessarily the ideal choice for business, we recommend products that fit your needs and carry functions that will be useful while not slowing your PC more than necessary by carrying what we term bloat-ware.

We are also happy to provide training for individuals and businesses on how to secure your PC / Network

Want to know more aboutTamite IT Support Sussex or how you can improve your companies or your own IT Security visit our website for details of one of our courses.

Password security is as important as locking up when you’re out

The importance of the password cannot be over emphasised. As a company providing IT Support to Sussex and Surrey business Tamite actively encourages its’ customers to adopt sensible policies.

Tamite IT Support for Sussex business Is serious about its customers’ IT Security

A simple password on your PC user account is the first step. Ideally we would like it to be a little more complicated using uppercase numbers and non standard characters but a sensible password is better than no password, although 123456 and password are not.
Also make sure you don’t use the same password for everything. We always recommend to our IT support business customers that they don’t use the same password for their banking as for Social Networking, if your password for one account is hacked assume the worst and change all your passwords. Periodically change them anyway.
Good password policy shouldn’t be limited to your PC login and online accounts. Are you aware that your hardware such as your Router that supports your Broadband also has a username and password to login? It is vital that the password is changed from the default.
One of our customers found out why earlier this week when he couldn’t get access to his banking. Earlier in the week his Antivirus product detected an infection on one of the PCs on the network. Having successfully cleared it he thought his problems were at an end.

Passwords on your network infrastructure are also important

Our engineer was called in because the customer couldn’t access banking from any PC on the network. It turned out that the culprit was the Router which had been updated with some DNS settings that weren’t provided by the ISP but probably were linked to a fake DNS Server. DNS is like the telephone directory for the Internet turning domain names typed in, into IP address information that routes you to the correct destination. Or in the case or Fake DNS anywhere the criminals who planted the information wanted. It was probably as well the customer didn’t access his bank as the bank site he would have been routed to could well have been a dummy setup to collect banking credentials.

IT is our policy at Tamite IT Support for Sussex business that we always change default passwords on all kit. If the ISP who had updated this Router with new login details for the new Broadband had changed the default login on his popular brand of router the DNS couldn’t have been tampered with.

Want to know more about how Tamite IT Support are assisting Sussex business or how you can improve your companies or your own IT Security visit our website for details of one of our courses.

We are also doing an in-depth check of the customers’ network to make sure no other little nasties are left behind.

Managing Customer Relationships Successfully

Tamite IT have just delivered a CRM solution for Surrey IT Support client in Merstham. The database replaced a previous CRM that was proving difficult to administer and maintain. The new solution is based on a customised version of Sugar CRM. A major advantage of Sugar CRM is that it can be setup on a web server either externally hosted or using an internal web service that can be hosted on any PC or Server on your Network. Sugar is built around MS SQL or MySQL (a relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases) a common and tried and trusted standard especially for databases for use in web based applications.

Running your CRM as a web based service provides the ability to access data from anywhere you can get access to the web, providing an ideal solution for companies with home workers, mobile sales force and regional offices.

Merstham Glass’s main requirement was to be able to keep track of calls and queries from customers, to be able to track jobs as they progress from enquiry through pricing and the quotation process and then hopefully acceptance. When the job is carried out details of dates, manufacturer, and items installed can be noted on the system.

The Migration of the existing data consisting of over 20,000 records was achieved after the data was cleaned and re-ordered.

If you are looking for a Customer Relationship Management Database or are need a replacement for an old one we will be very happy to give you a quotation.

IT Support In Surrey

IT support companies can be found across the whole of the UK, but a good, locally based, IT support company can help provide easy access support for a wide range of IT-related problem.  Knowing that a solution is close at hand gives you the peace of mind you need to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Many IT support companies provide their support either through remote computing, telephone support or course email support.  However, more and more, Surrey based business people are realising that for the very best and most effective IT support, it is essential to deal with a company that has staff local to them able to react quickly.  This gives them the ability to actually meet up, discuss problems and future IT requirements to meet growth aspirations face-to-face and it also enables your IT support company to actually see and understand the systems you have in place and how they fit in with your day-to-day business.

Therefore, if you are a business based in, or near Surrey, then it makes sense to use IT support in Surrey for the very best service.  This gives you a way of being able to get quick and easy help, arrange meetings with ease and to benefit from the more fluid conversation of meeting up face-to-face rather than simply dealing with emails and telephone calls.

IT support in Surrey is available to a whole wealth of different types of companies and people in the Surrey area.  Small businesses, medium sized businesses and even large businesses that are based in Surrey will all benefit from IT support in Surrey.  However, it is not just reserved for businesses.  Individuals, charities, new enterprises, freelancers, sole traders and even part time home businesses can all benefit from IT support services in Surrey as they can help with your networks, computer systems or simply help to develop and maintain your online presence, making sure that you business isn’t adversely affected by IT problems beyond your control.

If you would like more information about Tamite IT Support Services please leave a comment below or if preferred use the contact page.

IT Support Services In Sussex

IT support is something that is increasingly important if you have any kind of business whatsoever. Even the very smallest and most local of businesses can benefit from having an online presence but problems do occur if you are not experienced enough or have enough time to maintain your own website or computer systems. This is where Sussex based IT support becomes essential as it allows your business to stay functioning, your computer systems to remain up-to-date and running efficiently, and your website to be in tip top condition drawing in new clients and customers.

It is always highly beneficial to be able to deal with a local IT support company. This means that it is then easy to meet up and discuss your needs and problems and work can easily be carried out quickly at your premises if needed. Therefore, if you own or manage a business in Sussex, it is beneficial to use IT support services based in Sussex so that you always have somebody nearby that you can meet face-to-face with to discuss your needs and so that any repairs, alterations or maintenance required can be done quickly with the minimum of disruption.

IT support in from IT professionals based in Sussex is highly recommended for all Sussex companies and businesses in neighbouring counties, as well as individuals, freelancers and sole traders who require IT support services. Whether you have a large complicated set up or just one simple system, it is always good to know that you can meet up with a qualified and experienced person in your local area should you need to, rather than being restricted to dealing with emails and telephone calls with non-local companies. This can lead to a better understanding of your IT set up and a quicker resolution of any problems, meaning that your business stays functioning and efficient!

To see how Tamite IT support can help your business please leave a comment below or call us today on 0844 544 1730

New Website Launched for Tanglewood Gatwick Bed and Breakfast

Our client Gatwick Tanglewood Guesthouse a new bed and breakfast based on the outskirts of Crawley, West Sussex needed a website with content management.(Content management allows a website to have images and text amended by the customer through simple templates) Tamite IT Support Sussex arranged hosting of the new domain and set up the website using simple templates to allow the customer control of the content of the site once it was built. In addition we provided integration to a booking platform to allow management of accomodation bookings and secure payment via credit card.

Bookings can be managed by a simple management portal through the web. To ensure all potential customer email enquiries can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection we set up hosted Exchange Mail boxes which will integrate nicely with smart phones and tablets.

Tamite IT Support Sussex offer a complete range of services to our customers often in co-operation with our carefully selected partners.

Next up will be to SEO the site with the assistance of our colleagues at Griffin & Black.

Social Networking can be a real asset for businesses who want to speak directly to their audience, but do you want to be responsible for a riot!

Businesses must adopt robust and coherent policies with regard to employee use of social media while at work and possibly even out of work; this may involve changes to contracts of employment, employees may need reminding of their obligations to the business. The case of the two Cheshire teenagers convicted of using Face book in an attempt to instigate a riot has hit the news earlier this year and it isn’t too difficult to imagine a scenario where the same messages had been instigated from a company PC. Of course the abuse of Internet access and the miss-use of Social Media sites may lead to problems for your Company beyond the possibility of a couple of your employees instigating a second Arab Spring.

Tamite IT support Sussex can provide the experience and knowledge to help your business deal with the challenges presented by Social media and the Internet in general.

Damage to your company could result from unmanaged use of these media to spread un-managed messages about your company, products or even your competitors. All of these scenarios can result in real damage to your business, in addition to the wasted time and company resources such activities can entail

You probably wouldn’t run a phone system without keeping some check on the calls employees make on your behalf. So why should use of the Internet and the company PC be seen as exempt.

Tamite can supplye software to manage your user’s access to Social Media and the Internet; you will be surprised by the gains in productivity that can be made as a result. As a by-product you can also run productivity reports that enable you to see how employees use their time on the company PC.

Follow this link for more information on our new product i-fficiency