Email Continuity Service

Email continuity service

Email Continuity Service – Our common sense answer to keeping email flowing

Email Continuity has become a major issue to business, It is now the case that for most businesses email has taken over from the telephone as the primary method of contact for customers and suppliers.

It is estimated that on average companies will face a 72 percent chance of an unplanned email outage within the next 12 months.

Putting in place email continuity service is a simple and reliable method of making sure the flow of email in and out is maintained during a systems outage is just common sense, our Email continuity service is the common sense answer to making sure that for you and your customers, it’s just business as usual.

We all know how an outage of even a short duration can create numerous issues for individual email users, your customers and suppliers. Very soon it can feel like every business process has been paralyzed such is our reliance on email.

Failure of Email systems cost organizations in a variety of ways, lost employee productivity, missed business opportunities, damage to your business reputation, frustration and stress. Add to this additional IT time investment to resolve email outages, email continuity service provides the solution.

It makes sense to make an email continuity service a part of your IT resilience strategy and of course your disaster recovery plan.

Prevent Downtime and the Risk of Data Loss

Email Continuity service provides email resilience whether you have a planned email outage for maintenance or an unexpected server crash, email continuity will enable you to log in, send, receive and forward emails until your primary service is back online.

If you combine our archiving service with email continuity service each staff member will have access to the entire contents of their archive from where they can send and receive emails as normal. This service is available to the employee through their normal email client.

The Email Laundry – Email Continuity Service Features

Automatic email continuity, no settings or administration necessary
Web portal access
Remote access
Send and receive, forward, reply
Utilise central repository if required.

Email Laundry – Email Continuity Service Benefits

Email service is down, your staff can still send and receive email and your spam/quarantine folder
Continued email function in the event of a disaster


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