Eset Endpoint Security

When you buy Antivirus protection, why accept anything less than perfection.

Eset Endpoint Security is a comprehensive suite of products that have been designed to bring a higher level of protection to the business PC and network. Incorporating 6 layers of security to insure maximum protection.

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Firewall
  • Antispam
  • Web Filtering
  • Device Control

Seamlessly keeping your company’s network protected while maintaining the performance you demand for your desktop and network infrastructure.

We know that even a few hours lost production due to an infection on a machine can seriously disrupt your business. The reality is that even one infection can have dire consequences, our strategy as an IT provider is to decrease the opportunities for issues to arise and if they do arise to resolve them quickly.  Eset have a track record of consistently providing solutions that are effective while still being light on the resources they demand from your machines, the net result is that if your memory and processing aren’t being tied up by your Antivirus software then you will have a quicker more responsive PC.

At the same time the constantly evolving landscape of threats, whether from the internet or those that can be carried in on USB memory storage devices, tablets, mobile phones and the myriad of other devices we connect to our networks have created a demand for more powerful and comprehensive systems to counteract the threats. In all cases it is essential we deploy the most robust approach to IT security and that is where Tamite IT and Eset excel. 

Business Awwards won by ESET Antivirus

ESET has been the leader in developing proactive computer security solutions for more than 25 years.  ESET’s award-winning detection technology protects over 100 million users worldwide.

ESET Endpoint Security represents a new approach to truly integrated computer security. The most recent version of the ThreatSense® scanning engine, combined with our custom Personal firewall and Antispam module, utilizes speed and precision to keep your computer safe. The result is an intelligent system that is constantly on alert for attacks and malicious software endangering your computer.

ESET Endpoint Security is a complete security solution produced from our long-term effort to combine maximum protection and a minimal system footprint. The advanced technologies, based on artificial intelligence, are capable of proactively eliminating infiltration by viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, adware, rootkits, and other Internet-borne attacks without hindering system performance or disrupting your computer.

ESET Endpoint Security is primarily designed for use on workstations in a small business/enterprise environment. It can be used with ESET Remote Administrator, allowing you to easily manage any number of client workstations, apply policies and rules, monitor detections and remotely configure from any networked computer.

Key Benefits

Light on Your System: Engineered to use minimal system resources, ESET Endpoint Security ensures applications run more efficiently, files load quicker and systems boot faster.

Protection from Emerging Threats: ESET ThreatSense® technology uses industry-leading heuristic malware detection to keep your business systems safe from known and emerging threats while keeping false positives to a minimum.

Defend and Control Web Access: ESET Endpoint Security controls website access, enabling you to enforce Internet usage polices, while protecting your network against inbound and outbound security breaches with a two-way firewall.

Secure Removable Media: ESET Endpoint Security controls and scans removable media and devices for malware, closing a key vulnerability in your network.

ESET Remote Administrator

With ESET Remote Administrator, you can easily manage tens or thousands of Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile endpoints from a single console. Apply policies and rules, monitor detections, and remotely configure from any networked computer. ESET removes the complexity and repetition out of server and endpoint security administration.


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