Eset Mobile Security

Protect your company’s data on smartphones and tablets

Certified Protection

“For users who want to operate their smartphone with multiple SIM cards, ESET Mobile Security for Android is a good choice. Moreover, there is a very good help feature which should answer any questions that come up.“

Key Features and Benefits

Protection On the Go

Prevents infiltration to company smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Protects all applications, files and memory cards from prying eyes.

Locate, Lock, Wipe

Track the phone in case it goes missing. Lock it remotely to prevent unauthorised access to company data and servers. Opt to delete all contacts, messages and data on removable memory cards.

Flexible Licensing

ESET Unilicence is a unique licensing system which allows you to deploy ESET security solutions on an operating system of your choice across the company network.

Broad Compatibility

Suitable for all Android-based devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Readers, etc.
Version for Windows Mobile and Symbian also available.

Device Security*

SMS/MMS Antispam

Filter out unwanted SMS/MMS messages. Define custom blacklists/whitelists or simply block all unknown numbers.

Real-time Protection

Protects all applications, files and memory cards with the ESET NOD32 proactive technology optimised for mobile platforms.

Security Audit

An on-demand security audit checks the status of all vital phone functions, including battery level, Bluetooth status, home network, disk space and running processes.

On-access Scanning

Advanced scanning protects company smartphones and tablets from threats attempting to access the system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

On-demand Scanning

On-demand Scanning provides reliable scanning and cleaning of integrated memory and exchangeable media. Scanning of specific folders is also supported.

Administrator Message

Allows administrator to push a message to the device with custom text via ESET Remote Administrator. The message priority can be set to normal, warning or critical warning.

Anti-Theft System*

Remote Lock

Lock lost or stolen devices by a remote SMS command. After locking, no unauthorised person will be able to access data stored on the device.

Remote Wipe

Safely delete all contacts, messages and data on removable memory cards. Advanced cleaning procedures ensure that it is not possible to restore wiped data (Android 2.2 and higher).

GPS Localisation

Remotely locate the phone using a remote SMS command and track the phone’s GPS coordinates.

SIM Matching

Stay in control of your company smartphones remotely, even when an unauthorised SIM card is inserted. The Admin Contacts’ phone number will receive a wealth of information about the inserted SIM, including the phone number, IMSI and IMEI codes.

Admin Contacts

Set up one or more Admin Contacts for your company mobile fleet to receive all the important information in the event of a loss or theft.

Call Blocking

Block calls from unknown or hidden numbers and also calls to unwanted numbers. Define a list of allowed/blocked contacts and keep your phone bills under control.

Uninstall Protection

One password controls it all. Only authorised persons will be able to uninstall ESET Endpoint Security for Android (version 2.2 and higher).

* Following features not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging: Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, GPS Localization, SIM Matching, Admin Contacts, Call Blocking, SMS/MMS Antispam.

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