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Your IT investment should be an asset to your company and, in a real sense, an enabling factor.

IT services should contribute to giving you an edge over competitors.

So why do companies often feel that troublesome infrastructure and network issues are holding them back?

At Tamite, we don’t believe this should be the case and know that by working with our customers, we can help you make your IT investment pay off your business.

Tamite has provided Fully managed IT support and network services to business customers in the Southeast for twenty years.

Our expertise and experience allow us to provide remote and on-site support services to resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Call our service desk or live chat to support engineers on our website. We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of knowledge we bring our customers.

We work and consult with our clients to ensure we understand their goals. Our aim is always to implement the correct solutions to realise their ambitions.

We are known for our outstanding customer service. Our IT service is based on attention to detail, so your business goals are fully realised, and your expectations are always exceeded.

Contact us for a free audit.

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Cost-effective: But what makes Tamite different from most of our competition is that our focus is on preventing technical issues from arising in the first place. We know that for clients, prevention is better than cure.

We address the major IT headache suffered by most small business clients & SMEs: lost productivity due to slow performance or unexpected system failure.

Fully Managed: Our remote monitoring service allows us to check your PC’s or server’s critical aspects.

These include time to failure on your hard drive, disk space remaining, antivirus and firewall status, and many other elements, including backup status, to allow us to monitor and anticipate problems with your systems before they become an issue.

Best Practice: As specialists in IT security, we support businesses to ensure that their network is secure and free from threats, that their data is always available, and that their data is always thoroughly and reliably backed up.

In addition, we provide in-house training for users to ensure they understand the basic rules and develop good habits to work safely without compromising your IT Security.

A Comprehensive Range Of Products & Services.

We can provide you with all the products & support services your business needs to grow and prosper.

Whether you need us to provide ad hoc assistance, support cover or project management services, Tamite IT will fulfil the need efficiently and effectively.

Digital Transformation.

In addition to practical assistance, we have a portfolio of tried-and-tested products and services, all representing value and quality.

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IT Security is central to our approach to supporting your business.

It pays to take IT security seriously and is at the centre of our support service. We provide everything your small business needs to create a robust layered security strategy.

Putting security first pays dividends. Your services will be more reliable, service uptime will be considerably improved, and you can be confident that your business data is secure.

It is crucial to note that failure to comply with data protection regulations in the UK can result in enforcement action by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and fines of up to £17.5 million or 4% of your global turnover.

This highlights the paramount importance of having strong cybersecurity measures in place in the current digital business landscape.

We help you ensure compliance and safeguard your data. Being proactive about cybersecurity is an ongoing journey; we will guide you.

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Consultancy Services will support your internal IT team.

We can provide your business with IT knowledge when you need it and work with your internal IT teams to create the best solutions for your business.

Essential steps to enhance your cyber defences:

Some basic steps are common to almost all small business entities & SMEs.

Regular Training:

Keep your team updated with ongoing training on cyber threats and best practices.

We provide your team with online Cybersecurity training and Phishing Awareness courses.

Regular IT Audits:

  • Conduct regular IT audits to identify and address potential security gaps.Talk to us about ongoing testing of your internal infrastructure and external IT services tailored to your needs.

Update Systems:

  • They fail to consistently update all software and systems to guard against new and emerging vulnerabilities.We ensure that your IT Services are constantly monitored and updates applied automatically as part of our security as a service desk team using Heimdals Patch & Asset Management Suite.

Strong Password Policies:

  • Enforce robust password policies and use multi-factor authentication for added security.We recommend using a Password Management system as people aren’t good at passwords.

Regular Backups:

  • Reliable backups are crucial for any IT resilience strategy. In a disaster, they ensure the ability to restore lost data and services.support companies, support company, professional services, letters, scrabble, IT infrastructure

Security best practices, Best support IT company and consultants.

These practices will significantly mitigate the risk of cyber breaches and consequent ICO fines. Investing in cybersecurity is not just about compliance; it’s a strategic move to protect your business’s integrity, reputation, and future.

We keep you up to date with the latest IT developments.

The next few years in IT will be fascinating as AI will be genuinely transformative for the technology we currently use to run our businesses.

We are what we term a support partner. We are part of your team; we work alongside companies that are provided support and knowledge, we look after individuals with the same care; we are dedicated to providing the best business productivity tools and knowledge.

We create guides and how-to documents to update your business with the latest technologies. We are supported by online chat and blogs and are only a phone call away.

Real Business benefits of artificial intelligence

Understanding AI is vital as Artificial intelligence will also increasingly turn up on our phones and tablets and get involved in our leisure.

Imagine a personal assistant curating music and entertainment, suggesting recipes, and preparing the online shopping list.

A practical and social secretary, though initially without the charm of Jeeves.

Implementing AI is not replacing human capabilities but creating a better customer experience.

The best advice for anyone looking to succeed and progress, whether in their career or business, is to consider how artificial intelligence will affect their activities, understand it, and embrace it.

As technology develops, the danger to jobs and companies will come from the fact that people who resist digital personal assistants and don’t learn to work with AI won’t be as efficient as their colleagues who have.

‘AI won’t steal your job, but people using it may’ – BBC News

Are you considering implementing your first CRM or ERP platform for your company?

First, let us understand the differences between CRM and ERP and how they relate.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

  • Purpose: CRM software is designed to manage and improve a company’s interactions with current and potential clients.
  • Functionality: It helps organise contact information, track customer interactions, managed sales processes, and provide insights into customer behaviour.
  • Users: Typically used by sales, marketing, and customer service teams.
  • Goal: The aim is to build and maintain positive customer relationships, which can increase customer retention and sales.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

  • Purpose: ERP systems help companies increase productivity and manage and integrate essential parts of their businesses.
  • Functionality: An ERP system can include features for accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations.
  • Users: Often used by finance, manufacturing, and supply chain departments.
  • Goal: The primary goal is to improve and streamline internal business processes, which can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency.


  • Focus: While CRM is focused on customer and external interactions, ERP is centred on improving internal company processes.
  • Data Management: ERP technology provides a central database for all business data, which helps in resource planning and management.
  • On the other hand, CRM technology focuses on storing and utilising customer-related data.
  • Integration: Both systems can often be integrated to provide a more comprehensive business management tool, leveraging both strengths to serve the company’s needs.

CRM optimises the customer journey and experience, while ERP maximises internal business efficiency and resource management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • A comprehensive business management solution that helps small business to medium-sized businesses manage finances, operations, sales, and customer service.
  • It’s designed to be easily adaptable, allowing many businesses to add functionality as they grow.

Dynamics 365 Sales

  • It is tailored for businesses looking to improve sales performance through streamlined sales processes and deeper insights into customer interactions.
  • It includes lead and opportunity management tools, sales forecasting, and productivity enhancement.

Microsoft Power Platform

  • Complements Dynamics 365 by enabling businesses to create custom business apps, automate workflows, and analyse data.
  • It includes Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, enabling businesses to tailor solutions to their unique needs.

Flexibility and Scalability:

  • Dynamics 365 offers a scalable solution that grows with your company.
  • Start with what you need and expand capabilities as your company evolves, ensuring cost-effectiveness and resource optimisation.

Integrated Platform:

  • Combines CRM and ERP capabilities into a unified platform, eliminating data silos and enabling seamless collaboration across different company functions.

Data-Driven Insights:

  • Advanced AI-powered analytics tools provide valuable insights to support company performance, customer behaviour, and market trends, aiding in informed decision-making.

Protection and Compliance:

  • Ensures business data is secure and compliant with industry standards.

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Tamite are a Haywards Heath-based support company; we are a support provider focused on providing small businesses and SMEs with a flexible range of support packages, market-leading products, and award-winning services.

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