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We believe IT should enable your business, so why are system issues holding you back?

Our support team provide our clients compiance services using a range of products using our partnerships with best of breed IT security vendors.

Our managed service desk is here to support your business through issues as they arise, but the most essential part of our service is our comprehensive suite of managed services.

  • Your systems are continuously monitored for health, reliability and security, and our managed backups ensure resilience.

Contact us to discuss our range of services and outsourcing from your IT support provider in Sussex and the South East.

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Core IT services and the environment will be revolutionised in the next few years.

As Artificial intelligence will increasingly allow users to address some of the low-level issues that currently get passed to their IT support provider just by asking their AI assistant to fix the problem.

According to Bill Gates, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will revolutionise computing in the next five years, and we will be using computer applications in a completely different way from how we do it today.
Gates Notes

We provide onsite and off-site support of computers and servers to support your business. Message us for details.

How we deliver Support Services will be radically changed by integrating Artificial Intelligence into business applications.

Copilot will provide business expertise benefits, support and skills to all business users in education and professional services outside working hours

We can help you personalise Copilot to your company by creating personalised prompts and ensuring that users only access current data suitable for the task and necessary for the job function.

AI assistants like Copilot will transform IT services and environmental management by offering more intuitive and proactive support. Here’s Here’sanded view on how AI will help users:

Streamlined IT Support:

AI will simplify IT troubleshooting and enhance response times by allowing users to resolve common issues through natural language commands.

So, for instance, if a document is accidentally overwritten, you will ask the AI to “restore” the last saved version of the document,” and “the AI will handle the retrieval process.

Our Team provide Computer support, Project support Sussex, phone support, West Sussex, DMARC manage Email compliance service, network solutions and support Sussex and UK

Proactive System Maintenance:

AI could predict system failures or detect real-time anomalies, initiating preventive measures to avoid downtime. As a result, users can expect less reactive support and more consistent uptime.

Customised User Experience:

AI will adapt to individual user preferences and work habits, customising the user interface and functionalities of software like Word, Excel, or Outlook to enhance productivity and user satisfaction.

Enhanced Collaboration:

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AI will facilitate seamless collaboration across different platforms and time zones, translate languages in real-time, and transcribe meetings, making global teamwork more effective.

As AI technology advances, its ability to understand context, predict outcomes, and learn from interactions will improve. As a result, AI will become an indispensable tool for everyday tasks and complex problem-solving.

AI assistants will revolutionise IT services and contribute significantly to creating a more sustainable and efficient world.

More productive IT is supported by AI and a range of new AI-based tools.

IT systems and those using them will become more efficient, and our customers will become more productive.

We believe the future of the IT services we provide businesses will increasingly involve showing and training our clients how to use the services to gain the most benefit and offering expert advice on applying AI within your businesses.

Onsite and remote Support for Windows and Apple customers

Our service desk has an experienced team of IT professionals.

We provide a managed service to keep your business running smoothly. We monitor IT Systems, Backups, and Cyber Security to prevent potential problems and provide on-site and remote support.

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IT Services with Security at the centre.

Our goal is the high availability of customers’ IT systems; achieving this requires more than maintaining the company infrastructure.

Patch Management

Your system’s reliable and secure operation relies on Security and software updates to support hardware and software.

Our patch management service automatically manages this for you.

Security Management

By monitoring the antivirus, antimalware, and firewalls, we will monitor these services and deal with any issues promptly.

Hardware Monitoring

Ensure that your company hardware runs correctly and has no service issues such as disk space, disk errors, memory, etc.

We listen carefully to our clients, our team support businesses with managed DMARC services, monitoring email health and compliance

Spam Email Filtering & Fraud Detection, Mail Management & Monitoring

17% of breaches are directly attributable to Phishing. The recent Google Mondiant Special Report 2024 highlighted that Phishing remains a favourite tool for Cybercriminals.

Recent changes to Spam handling by platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Apple have focused on implementing DMARC.

Our expertise in this area has benefitted our clients as we provide managed solutions to manage the security policies and records that underpin email.

Our clients can expect to save money as we can help them leverage existing capabilities.

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M365 Copilot, an AI-powered tool that promises to improve productivity significantly, was launched in the first quarter of 2024.

To learn how your organisation can prepare for Copilot, check out our blog post or request a copy of our new Tamite Secure IT White Paper.

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The adoption of AI needs to be part of your future plans.

Presuming Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t rebel and decide to end humanity or enslave us, we will likely see AI becoming increasingly involved with our work and home lives.

Over the next few years, many of us will see AI within the products we know and love assisting us and doing stuff on our behalf.

Goldman Sachs predicts an increase in Global GDP of 7%

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Goldman Sachs predicts an increase in Global GDP of 7% over the next decade due to improvements in productivity due to Artificial Intelligence.

In the future, we will all have personalised assistants (Alexa on steroids), but before that comes to pass, we can expect AI to be bolted onto all sorts of things we are already familiar with. So, what will these integrations look like?

AI is poised to revolutionise the field of information technology (IT), offering innovative solutions that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and optimise operations. Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) exemplifies how AI is being harnessed to improve and assist us as support providers in various aspects of IT.

Understanding the threats is critical to a coherent cybersecurity strategy.

Our team provide IT Support service for customers in Sussex, West Sussex, East Sussex and the South East, comprehensive patch management from Heimdal.

Existing Exploits 38%

Google Mandiant’s special report concludes that 38% of attacks resulted from exploiting existing exploits, 17% from Phishing, 15% from prior compromise and 10% from stolen credentials.

Phishing 17%

You don’t have to be an IT Guru to prioritise reading this report; all business owners and most IT users will benefit from being informed about this subject. From Micro businesses, SMEs and Enterprises, the data in the report will guide you on the main areas to prioritise when planning your security strategy.

Prior Compromise 15%

We can help you with your strategy, but you know your business, how it operates, and your priorities; these factors will feed into your ongoing strategy.

The figures (17%) highlight that Phishing remains a favourite tool for Cybercriminals. Google’s Mandiant report shows that vulnerability exploitation has become the primary method for attackers to gain initial network access (38%).

In 2023, around 100 zero-day vulnerabilities were actively exploited in the wild by espionage groups and financially motivated attackers, who used zero-day exploits to infiltrate systems and steal valuable data.

Stolen Credentials 10%

Accordingly, it’s important to note that industry experts anticipate the persistence of phishing and vulnerability exploitation as significant cybersecurity threats in 2024 and beyond.

Tamite Featured Product

Trillion Leaked Credential Dark – Web Monitoring

Trillion’s leaked password database and algorithms provide an unrivalled ability to detect data breaches and give you a vital early warning of a potential data leak in your organisation.

Example approaches Vulnerability Management for business.

Our team deliver Support, projects, outsourcing Solutions, infrastructure,  Microsoft and Apple solutions to companies in Sussex, West Sussex, East Sussex and the South East, UK

1. Identify vulnerabilities:

Use automated tools to scan your systems and applications for known vulnerabilities.

2. Categorize and prioritise:

Rank the identified vulnerabilities based on severity, exploitability, and potential impact on the business environment.

3. Remediate:

Address the highest priority vulnerabilities first, typically starting with those most severe and straightforward to exploit. This may involve patching software, changing configurations, or implementing additional security controls.

4. Verify and review:

After remediation, verify that the vulnerabilities have been addressed and regularly review your vulnerability management process to adapt to new threats.

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