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Pay as you go IT Support, Support Contracts & System Health Monitoring

Featured 2 with borderYour IT systems are central to the smooth running of your business, You rely on them for the day to day running of the office, you may be running a Customer Relationship Database, accounts packages such as Sage and the Microsofts Office Suite to create documents and communicate using Outlook for email.

You only ask one thing of your systems and that is when you use them they run quickly and without fuss.

Tamite are different to most of our IT Support competitors in that our focus is on prevention rather than fire fighting, we prefer to monitor and intervene when necessary to prevent the issues arising in the first place. We know that from your business point of view prevention is better than a cure.

We address the IT headache suffered by most SMEs of lost productivity due to slow performance or unexpected failure of systems. Our remote monitoring service allows us to check key aspects of your PCs and servers performance, these include disk space remaining, antivirus and firewall status and many other aspects including backup status to allow us to monitor and anticipate problems with your systems before they become an issue.

You can rely on us to let you know what technologies you should or shouldn’t be adopting in the secure knowledge your data is safe, your IT is in safe hands and you have a sage advisor who are able to advise you on your future IT strategy.

As a specialist in IT Security we ensure your network is secure and free from threats, your data is always available and properly backed up. In addition we provide in house training for users to make sure that they are able to get the most from your applications such as Word, Excel & Outlook.

You like to be able predict and budget for your IT spend so we provide IT Support Contracts that include remote backup, monitoring and antivirus with half yearly reviews to help you take the guess work out of your IT resourcing.

If you prefer pay as you go is of course an option, you can also buy blocks of support hours in advance to use when issues occur or alternatively to bring us in for consultancy, installations, maintenance or projects.

A Comprehensive Range Of Products & Services To Serve Your Business

We are able to provide you with all the products & services your business needs to grow and prosper from our “Cloud” based virtual office solutions, remote backup, hosted MS Exchange email services, CRM databases and the knowledge and experience to make it all work seemlessly and efficiently.

Whether you require us to provide adhoc assistance or need our project management services you can be assured that Tamite IT will be able to fulfil the need, efficiently and effectively.          In addition to the practical assistance we have a portfolio of tried and tested products and services all of which represent value and quality. These include antispyware, antivirus, firewalls, antispam, encryption, backup on site & remote, high availability broadband and our I-fficiency PC productivity and Internet management software.

IT Security Is central To Our Approach To Supporting & Being Your Trusted IT Partner.

Securing your data and computer infrastructure from the multitude of threats presented by cybercrime should be high on the agenda of any company. The threat from hacking, virus infection, social engineering or theft are all serious and growing threats that face businesses and individuals. We have recently introduced a range of IT Security Courses aimed at individuals and small businesses. The aim is to provide the average user an understanding of the risks and basic self protection strategies. We know from experience that the application of the principles we teach will be invaluable to the individual and will be of benefit to companies of any size.