IT Security Training – basics for individuals and business

Tamite provide businesses and individuals a simple IT Security Training experience to make your enviroment at home or in business secure

The primary objective of our IT security training course is to provide computer users whether in the home or business environment the key skills and information to protect yourself and your business from on-line crime, Internet criminality is a major problem throughout the world and is the biggest hurdle to doing business on the Internet. In fact it has been conjectured that Internet crime could jeopardise the continued success and growth of the Internet.

IT Security training is most commonly aimed at the IT professional, the purpose of the Tamite IT Security awareness training courses aim educate the average user in the fundamental principles and good practice to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

What you will achieve by attending this IT Security course.

We have designed this course to be appropriate for small businesses and individuals who utilise PCs using the Microsoft Windows operating system. (Although most if not all of the principles also apply to Macs).

Many users are entirely at home using the applications such as Word, Outlook and Excel, for daily tasks. While at the same time may have little idea of the workings of the PCs’ operating system & Network beyond this.

In the modern Internet linked world it is vital that users gain an understanding of the issues and how to avoid the pitfalls. It is sadly the case that bad user practice and incorrect setup are the primary causes of almost all of the breaches and infections we come across.

In fact an otherwise secure environment can be undone by a single user taking the wrong action or just not recognising the threat. So from this point of view even larger organisations with the internal resources to manage their own IT will benefit from users attending this course or an on-site tailored version.

We will equip you with the basic level of knowledge that will protect you from the many and varied threats that are out their seeking to infect your PC, steal your data or gain access to your banking.

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IT Security Basics for Individuals & Business
A 1/2 day IT Security Training on site
(Travel rate may apply depending on your location).
£80.00 +VAT
(A Minimum 5 delegates)
IT Security Basics for Individuals & Business
A 1/2 day IT Security Training at our training site
Tea / Coffee and pastries supplied

For our off site courses (A minimum of 8 delegates)
We suggest a maximum group size of 12 delegates
£100.00 +VAT
(Minimum of 8 delegates)
Individual sessions by arrangement.
Scheduled Courses

We also provide scheduled courses @ £75.00 +VAT per delegate
To enroll on our next scheduled course
call 0844 544 1730 or email
Scheduled Course Dates

Wednesday 17th July 2014 09:30 - 13:30
Thursday 28th August 2014 09:30 - 13:30

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