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Tamite Apple support and security are at the core.

We specialize in providing comprehensive support for all your Apple devices. Our team of certified Apple support professionals ensures your Apple experience is seamless and secure.

You or your company have invested in running Apple Macs, and you want to partner with an IT support company that is an expert in Apple support, understands your business’s needs, and is technically capable.

Contact Support Apple service centre for services and repairs.

Our focus is on prevention rather than firefighting. We prefer to monitor and intervene when necessary to prevent issues from arising.

We know that prevention is better than a cure from your business point of view.

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Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Backup

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Protect your systems with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Backup. This all-in-one solution offers backup and cyber protection tailored for Apple’s macOS, including the latest macOS 14 Sonoma.

With support for Apple silicon processors, Acronis ensures your data and systems are safe.


  • Comprehensive backup solutions
  • AI-based anti-malware and antivirus
  • Easy integration with Apple systems

Rely on us to supply and provide Apple Mac support for the full range of Apple Mac devices from the desktop to the server and take care of vital services, including security and the all-important backup.

Whether you are running your Apple Mac in your home or a business environment, Phone or use our contact form for a free and comprehensive review of your IT.

Heimdal Security for Apple Mac Products

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Heimdal Security provides robust protection for Apple Mac products. With its advanced patch management system, Heimdal ensures your devices are updated with the latest security patches and updates.

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Patch Management:

  • Automated patch deployment
  • Compliance with security standards
  • Protection against vulnerabilitiesiphone, online apple refurb store, phone support

At Tamite IT Support, we understand the importance of keeping your Apple devices secure and efficient.

Our partnership with Acronis and Heimdal Security ensures that your data is backed up and your systems are protected from the latest threats.

You like to predict and budget your IT spending, so we provide IT Support Contracts, including remote backup, monitoring, and antivirus.

If you prefer, ‘pay as you go’ is, of course, an option. You can also buy blocks of support hours in advance to use when issues occur or alternatively bring us in for consultancy, installations, maintenance or projects.

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Our engineers hold Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) and Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)

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