Professional AppleMac Support for Sussex and Surrey

The good news for Apple Mac users in Sussex and Surrey is that we are now able to support the full range of Apple Mac products.

Apple-Mac-services smallWe have been in the business of providing PC support to businesses in the Crawley, Haywards Heath, and Brighton area for the last 6 years but as we have recently taken on the services of our very own Apple Mac specialist, we will be actively looking for businesses that run a mixed environment.

So if your business depends on Apple Macs or you run a mixed environment we are your ideal support partner.

Sohail comes to Tamite with a wealth of experience in all things Apple Mac, Sohail says. “I enjoy the challenge of integrating Mac devices into the work place, in so many situations they are the ideal tool and businesses that have traditionally used PCs should not close their minds to the possibilities. There are real advantages that can be realised by adopting a mixture of PC and Mac and this is a situation in life where you can get the best of both Worlds. We also have the whole thing of the Bring Your Own Device debate which very often means the iPhone and the iPad, bringing these devices and connecting them to the network safely should be a considered decision and not just be allowed to happen, adhoc. With a little planning bringing them in will present minimal risks while maximising the possibilities of a whole new world of portable computing. While maintaining control of the integrity of your network is paramount it is not an insurmountable problem, especially in an environment that includes an OSX Server. With an OS X Server It’s become easier than ever to share folders, exchange files and access documents on a Mac, iPad or PC. SMB2 is the new, super-fast protocol for sharing files in OS X Server and as you would expect there are the increases security and improvements in Windows compatibility, to the extent that it supports Microsoft’s Active directory”. IT Security has always been a subject that Tamite regards as core to its’ business ethos, while Apple Mac products have an enviable reputation in this regard they are also not immune to the threats, we are confident in our ability to ensure a safe working environment is achieved whether your preference is PC or Mac or a mixture of both. OS X comes with file-sharing connection monitoring, now you can see who’s accessing your server, who’s connected and for how long.

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