Social Networking can be a real asset for businesses who want to speak directly to their audience, but do you want to be responsible for a riot!

Businesses must adopt robust and coherent policies with regard to employee use of social media while at work and possibly even out of work; this may involve changes to contracts of employment, employees may need reminding of their obligations to the business. The case of the two Cheshire teenagers convicted of using Face book in an attempt to instigate a riot has hit the news earlier this year and it isn’t too difficult to imagine a scenario where the same messages had been instigated from a company PC. Of course the abuse of Internet access and the miss-use of Social Media sites may lead to problems for your Company beyond the possibility of a couple of your employees instigating a second Arab Spring.

Tamite IT support Sussex can provide the experience and knowledge to help your business deal with the challenges presented by Social media and the Internet in general.

Damage to your company could result from unmanaged use of these media to spread un-managed messages about your company, products or even your competitors. All of these scenarios can result in real damage to your business, in addition to the wasted time and company resources such activities can entail

You probably wouldn’t run a phone system without keeping some check on the calls employees make on your behalf. So why should use of the Internet and the company PC be seen as exempt.

Tamite can supplye software to manage your user’s access to Social Media and the Internet; you will be surprised by the gains in productivity that can be made as a result. As a by-product you can also run productivity reports that enable you to see how employees use their time on the company PC.

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