Specialist Computer Services & Products For Business

Featured 4 with border-TrainingYour IT investment should be an asset to your company, in a real sense an enabling factor for your business. IT services should contribute to your business giving you an edge on your competitors.

By giving you access to the tools you need to make your business leaner, more efficient, smarter. IT should be a driver making the business more responsive to your customers needs and freeing up your time to concentrate on your business.

So why do companies often feel that troublesome systems and network issues are holding them back!

At Tamite we don’t believe this should be the case and know that by working with our customers we can help you to make your IT investment pay off for your business.

Tamite has been providing IT support and network services to business customers in the Southeast for many years. Our expertise and experience means we are able to provide you with remote and on-site support to resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of knowledge we bring to our customers, we work and consult with our customers to make sure we understand your goals, our aim is always to ensure the correct solutions are put in place to realise your ambitions, attention to detail means your projects are realised to the full and your expectations are always exceeded.

IT Support, Support Contracts & System Health Monitoring

But what makes Tamite different to most of our IT Support competition is that our focus is on preventing the issues arising in the first place. We know that from your business point of view prevention is better than cure.

We address the major IT headache suffered by most SMEs of lost productivity due to slow performance or unexpected failure of systems. Our remote monitoring service allows us to check key aspects of your PC or Server, these include time to failure on your hard drive, disk space remaining, antivirus and firewall status and many other aspects including backup status to allow us to monitor and anticipate problems with your systems before they become an issue.

As a specialist in IT Security we ensure your network is secure and free from threats, your data is always available and properly backed up. In addition we provide in house training for users to make sure that they understand the basic rules that will ensure they develop the good habits that will mean they can work safely without compromising your IT Security.

A Comprehensive Range Of Products & Services To Serve Your Business

We are able to provide you with all the products & services your business needs to grow and prosper from our “Cloud” based virtual office solutions, remote backup, hosted MS Exchange email services, CRM databases and the knowledge and experience to make it all work seamlessly and efficiently.

Whether you require us to provide adhoc assistance or need our project management services you can be assured that Tamite IT will be able to fulfil the need, efficiently and effectively.

In addition to the practical assistance we have a portfolio of tried and tested products and services all of which represent value and quality.

IT Security is central to our approach to supporting your business & being your trusted IT partner.