Tamite IT Security Course at the Kissingate Brewery

kissinggate logoTamite IT Security Course – IT security Basics For Businesses & Individuals

Our most recent IT Security Training Course held at the Kissingate Brewery was a great success attended by representatives of businesses from across Sussex and Surrey. Concentrating on the simple steps that individuals and small businesses can relatively simply and quickly put into place, the adoption of which will make an enormous difference to the security of the individual PC and the network to which it is attached.

One of the main aims of the Tamite IT Security Training Course is that by understanding the risks posed by Cybercrime we are able to avoid risky activities and spot potential threats.

Malware moves on constantly, and the war being waged against it is also necessarily unremitting. One of the more recently announced threats (discovered by the Security Research Firm, Intego) has been named the Crisis Trojan. Interestingly the malware was found to infect Mac OS X computers and could record keystrokes, webcams, track web traffic, take screenshots and steal data.

Owners of PCs should restrain the urge to snigger as researchers at Symantec have revealed that a worm-like version of the malware also targets Windows. As with the Mac version, this malware installs itself onto a victim’s PC if they visit a compromised website, subsequently downloading a malicious JAR file.

We believe that the only sensible way for businesses and individuals to deal with the multitude of threats posed is to train users, our IT Security Training Course is specifically designed to help you make your environment secure and keep it secure.

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