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Tamite has been in the business of providing Surrey, IT Support and network services for many years. Our expertise and experience means we are able to provide you with remote and on-site support to resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently.

But what makes Tamite different to most of our Surrey IT Support competition is that our focus is on preventing the issues arising in the first place. We know that from your business point of view prevention is better than cure.

Our approach is a partnership with Surrey IT Support customers as by working with you we can make your computers and networks more reliable. With the resulting cost saving and efficiencies in terms of improvements in staff productivity you can look to invest your IT budget on improving your systems rather than maintaining systems.

We know from experience that happy customers are more fun to work with, are more likely to sustain long term relationships and are pleased to recommend us.

Well maintained computers and networks properly configured and correctly specified are inherently more reliable. These days computer systems are core to your business function and should act as an enabler. Our goal is to ensure you always have access to the data and communications that are vital to the smooth and efficient running of your business.More stable and reliable systems mean will see cost savings in terms of less down time, less frustrated hammering on keyboards, less engineer visits.

outlookIT correctly applied should contribute to the efficiency of your business. We are happy to advise on the purchase of software equipment and services that your business requires. In fact you probably already own most of the software you need. By providing you with on-site training and assistance with setup and configuration you will be able to realise the full potential of the Microsoft Suites you already own.

Modern mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets are providing businesses new opportunities and challenges, the ability for your sales force to access email, data and applications on the move, from customers sites, from home and if you really must on the train, hold the potential for real business advantage. Tamite Surrey IT Support services have the knowledge and experience to make it a reality securely and cost effectively.

By providing your business with a planned upgrade path highlight when equipment should be replaced before it becomes unreliable, enabling you to plan this in to your IT budget.

Tamite has many years of experience in running IT projects for companies of all sizes. We have a breadth of knowledge covering most aspects of IT, Telephony and Data networking. We see ourselves as the enablers helping you bring your business plans to fruition.

For really effective IT Support services at a price you can afford call Tamite