Tetley Tea Master insures tongue for £1m

TETLEY-TEA-BAGSWith the announcement that head tea taster Sebastian Michaelis  who apparently can identify and assess tea blends in an amazing 15 seconds, will have his tongue insured against damage and sudden mal-function Michaelis is following a path previously trodden by musical superstars Dolly Parton and the Rolling Stones Keith Richards who both had parts of their body insured. Readers are free to speculate on which parts.

Tamite never shy of jumping on a band waggon, have had Gary Johnston Director of Security Products right temporal lobe insured for a figure in excess of £1m.

A spokesman at Tamite explained that Gary can spot a piece of P.R. thinly disguised as a news story in less than 15 seconds. Of course APTs and zero day exploits may take a little longer. But that is why we provide our customers with products like Cybers Spears Persistence.

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