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Hosted Exchange

Why use Hosted Exchange as your business email solution?

The main advantage to Hosted Exchange over a simple POP account is that all your information such as emails, contacts, calendars and tasks will be centrally located on the server. In the event that you have a computer meltdown and have to reinstall, all your information will still be sitting there waiting for you once you reinstall Outlook. TAMITE can provide IT Support Services for such eventualities.

The second reason is the support for Direct Push synchronization. This is the ability to have all of your information on the Exchange server sent to your mobile devices in near real-time. An example of this is when you are on the road, it’s nice to get an appointment update or invite for example where you can immediately accept or review your up to date calendar before taking the necessary action required and you can do this on your smartphone. NO more having to ‘send and receive’ for emails

Hosted SharePoint

The challenge when describing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 is that it can mean so many things to so many people – it is a server capable of delivering better access to the right information across the business in the most cost effective way. But…are you ready for Sharepoint 2007 and document management?

Firstly, there are 2 versions – the WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services) and MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007). While WSS and MOSS 2007 are both powerful collaboration tools, the most basic difference between the two solutions is the investment.

Windows Sharepoint Services is included within a Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 purchase. Many of you already have it as a business asset without ever knowing it !



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