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WhiteHat Sentinel

WhiteHat Sentinel is a software-as-a-service platform that enables your business to quickly deploy an application vulnerability management program.

We can help make sure that your organization’s web applications are secure, regardless of where you are in the development process.

No matter how much code or how many web applications you have, or how often they change, Sentinel can scale to meet the demand.

We’ve been doing this for more than a decade for hundreds of businesses just like yours. WhiteHat Sentinel

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What we offer

  •  Continuous assessment methodology
  •  Accuracy: 100% vulnerability verification
  •  Safety: Proven production safety
  •  Speed: Concurrent – assess thousands of sites in parallel
  •  Compliance: PCI compliance reports and more
  •  Actionable: Custom remediation guidance, metrics and reports

How we do it

  •  Hack Yourself First approach
  •  Automated and powerful SaaS platform
  •  Sharing details of specific attack vectors
  •  Utilizing the expertise of the Threat Research Center (TRC)
  •  Open XML API Integrations


Our entire approach mimics an attacker’s mindset. We perform assessments pit-crew style, which enables unparalleled efficiency and vulnerability coverage. Nobody’s security is perfect.

WhiteHat takes the perspective of your adversary to find your weaknesses and help you fix them before the bad guys use them against you.

Sentinel, WhiteHat’s Dynamic Application Security Assessment (DAST) solution, offers a radically different approach for identifying, assessing and protecting your websites – even those you didn’t know existed.