Why IT Security Training is a must for anyone who owns or works on a computer.

An article I read this morning in an IT journal reinforced the need for companies of all sizes and individuals to take an active role in managing IT security and also the need for IT Security Training. The articles’ introduction began from the position, that a network breach is all but inevitable? Wade Baker, director of risk intelligence at Verizon, asserts that taking such a view is “unhelpful at best” and points out that “97 per cent of the attacks analysed in the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report were avoidable, without the need for organisations to resort to difficult or expensive countermeasures.” which we think is good news for Tamite IT support Surrey customers

Tamite IT Support Surrey business supply IT security training to individuals and business.

Taking steps to improve your computer & network security does not have to be as daunting as it sounds, but it does go beyond installing Antivirus and hoping you will be protected. At Tamite IT Support Surrey we believe that by providing basic IT security training where it is explained in simple terms, how you go about keeping your operating system and other vital systems up to date thus ensuring exploits in code are closed. Recognising the vulnerable areas of your network and how to protect them and most importantly the adoption of good habits and the ability to recognise suspicious behaviors all can be demonstrated.

The truth is that most virus infections are avoidable and even the danger of losing data through hacking or leaking can be mitigated and quite often the solution is already available as part of your Operating System or other software or just by better network management. Tamite IT Support Surrey show how you are able to impliment a simple layered approach to defend your valuable data.

Tamite IT Support Surrey business can assist businesses of all sizes to formulate sensible policies and understand the technologies so that you can make decisions based on knowledge and we are always happy to assist you either with the planning or the implementation.

Tamite IT Support Surrey are in the business of providing solutions and information to help you make the correct decisions for your business.

The key areas to consider are perimeter defences which include devices such as your Broadband router and possibly other devices such as WiFi on your network. Also Firewalls both hardware and software. Correct configuration of software such as your operating system, Antivirus software and Browser. In addition the messaging you use to interact with the outside world, email, social networking etc. and critically your ability to backup & restore your data. The problem is that today the computers and systems we use every day have become so key to the smooth running of the business.

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